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Before you can determine if a Wire Fox Terrier is the right dog for you, you must first consider the resources and amount of time needed to bring a puppy of any breed into your home. Puppies are very cute — but puppies grow up — and sometimes puppies grow up to have problem behaviors. This is often the case if you don’t have the time to give them the exercise and training and affection they need. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to take full responsibility for this Wire and all of its needs for the next 10-15 years? Maybe even 20 years?!
  • Do you have the patience and time it takes to train this Wire to be a good companion?
  • Will you keep this Wire safe at all times? (Not allow them to run loose, ride in the back of a pickup truck, or keep chained outside all day.)
  • Will you make sure this Wire gets the exercise, discipline, and affection it needs?
  • Will you spend the money it takes to provide proper veterinary care? (Vaccinations, heartworm testing/preventative medication, spaying/neutering, dental care, and annual check-ups.)
  • Are you willing become educated about the proper care and grooming of the breed?
  • Do you have the patience to weather puppy hood? (House training, chewing, biting)
  • Are you and your entire family willing to accept responsibility for this Wire even through life changes such as new babies, moving, going back to work, or retiring?
  • Can you resist buying a puppy on an impulse (they are cute, after all)? Do you have the patience to make an educated decision that will impact you and your family life for a long time?

If you answered yes these questions, you are ready to start contacting responsible breeders. There are many resources that give advice on how to determine if a breeder is ethical or runs a puppy mill. The Partnership for Animal Welfare gives a lot of good information on that topic. 

The Good and the Bad: A Few More Things to Consider

The good news and bad news about Wires is that they can be self-entertaining dogs. For instance, if your dog is left loose in your house all day while you’re at work, he may entertain himself by chewing up your shoes, pulling down your curtains, or shredding your couch! That’s the bad news. The good news is that he is able to entertain himself playing at your feet with his favorite toy for hours on end. Just keep in mind he’d rather be playing with you. Wires are also very adaptable dogs — he can go from a relaxed “couch potato” to an energized “super dog” in a second, depending on the environment.

Wires and Children

If you have children and are considering bringing a dog into the home, a Wire Fox Terrier is a good choice. Wires and children are a great combination because they both have an unlimited source of energy.

You will need to supervise your new puppy closely, and you must teach your children to respect the puppy and his needs. Instruct the children not to hit the puppy or pull the puppy's tail or ears. The puppy should have a space of his own, such a kennel, to relax or nap. Remember, puppies are a lot like children and will claim not to be tired, but you know better. You'll find that a Wire's companionship will be unsurpassed.


Wires have a double coat, the outside coat is harsh wire, which should be dark and rich in color, and the undercoat is light and fluffy. Puppies start with a fluffy coat. The wire coat usually starts in front of the tail. In order to keep the harsh wire coat and the colors bright they must be hand stripped. This means that all the hair must be plucked out. You will want to choose a groomer who specializes in terriers to do this process. However, if you have your groomer clipper them, they will eventually end up with a soft poodle-like coat with faded colors. Wires do not shed when clipped. Clipping is usually done every 4 months. If you choose to maintain the traditional grooming, the wire coat will fall out when in needs to be rotated. This is called blowing coat which happens about every 5 months. Wires should be combed out on a weekly basis and bathed only when dirty.

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