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Puppies are whelped and raised in our home to insure proper stimulation and socialization. They are touched and held daily (held on their backs, heads are rubbed, feet and toes are massaged) in order to build trust and make the puppies comfortable to human touch.

At the proper age, separation from littermates begins and crate training is started to minimize the stress of the transition to their new home. Sometimes leash training is started using reward-based training methods.

Puppies are ready for placement at 8 to 12 weeks. Your pup can be picked up at our home or arrangements can be made for direct flights out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Direct flights are not possible from the Fargo airport. Other options are available up on request.

All JWFT’s dogs are up-to-date with their shots, are wormed, and healthy when they leave our home. Once your pup is in your home, we request that you verify our Certificate of Health with your own vet as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to notify your vet that you have a new pup that will need additional vaccinations as vaccine protocols vary among vets.

All our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts and on Limited Registration with the American Kennel Club. We will reimburse $50 of your vet fees with verification from your vet that your pet has been fixed. Spay/neutering enhances the health of your pet in a variety of ways; from decreasing cancer risks and other health related issues, to keeping unwanted puppies out of shelters. Not to mention the emotional issues both sexes experience during “mating season.”

If for some reason you end up in a situation that does not allow you to keep your dog, JWFT asks that you notify us. We can help you find a new home for your dog or even take your dog back if necessary. It is very important to us to keep our animals out of shelters or pounds.

In addition to puppies, JWFT occasionally has juveniles, adults, and rescues available for placement.

Remember, we welcome all calls throughout your dog’s life — weather it be questions, problems, or just to brag about how wonderful your Wire is.

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